Thursday, January 13, 2011

I make coffee hot.

I make COFFEE hot.  I mean -- I make everything hot!  
Check out this cute vintage style retro image on coffee mugs.  Mix and match!  It's fun.  What's your favorite coffee?  I'm on my second cup of coffee.  Sitting here taking a break from court reporting and working on my cafepress store.  While I work on my digital art, I watch tv...and what's on now is this Judge Pirro.  Not sure how much I like her or these judge shows.  I used to really like Judge Judy and the People's Court...but I am kind of getting tired of it all.  More into the Bachelor and Millionaire Matchmaker, Californication, The Big C, and a lot of other shows.   I'm kind of new to this blog writing, but it's starting to remind me of the sixth grade.  I remember when I was in sixth grade and Mr. Powers was my English teacher.  He had everyone write for five minutes a day into a journal.  I kind of wish I never stopped.  So from this day forward, I'm going to check in at night and spend five minutes going over my day.  It's kind of like a good therapy, don't you think?  Cheaper than therapy but you are still able to air out your laundry on the line with whoever wants to read it.  Okay.  Time to click publish.


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